Are you aware of your rights and obligations as an employer in PNG?

Employers have the right to hire workers and dissolve employment contracts, to formulate and implement workplace policies, and to manage their business operations the way they deem fit. However, they are also obligated to exercise their rights within the parameters...

Who We Are

Employers Federation of PNG


EFPNG is an independent peak Employer Organization that provides advocacy and advisory services on Labour and Industrial Relations in Papua New Guinea, protecting the interest of its members.


Registered as an Industrial Organization on 27th August 1963, EFPNG is a key stakeholder in PNG’s tripartite labour and industrial relations policy and decision-making process.

Domestic representation as service to members

National Tripartite Consultative Council (NTCC)


NTCC is the highest-level tripartite oversight and coordinating body in PNG. It's primary function is to effectively facilitate social dialogue between the social partners (employers, workers and government) and to influence the arrangement and development of work-related issues, Labour market policies, social protection policies and other economic policies including the ILO sponsored PNG Decent Work Country Program (DWCP). EFPNG being the most representative employers' organization represents its members on the Council.


Minimum Wages Board (MWB)


The MWB is set up under the Industrial Relations Act to enquire into and make determinations on any matter relating to minimum wages and conditions of employment. Employers Federation has traditionally been one of the representatives of employers on the Board.

National Training Council (NTC)


The NTC is the government body tasked with the regulation of the private Training Industry and is responsible for formulation and implementation of the National Training Policy which includes setting and monitoring training standards, regulating training providers, and Course Accreditation. The NTC comes under the Ministry of Labour and Industrial Relations and one of the private sector employers’ seats on the Council is mandated to the Employers Federation under the NTC Act.

National Apprenticeship and Trade Testing Board (NATTB)


The NATTB is the mandated statutory body within the Ministry of Labour and Industrial Relations responsible for Apprenticeship and Trade Testing in PNG. The NATTB manages the Apprentice Training Systems, the Trade Testing System and facilitates the development of the National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS). The Employers' Federation holds the private sector employers' seat on the NATTB.

International Representative

EFPNG is a member of the International Organization of Employers (IOE) and represents employers' interests at international forums such as the International Labour Organization's (ILO) annual International Labour Conference (ILC).


The Federation has a very close working relationship with the ILO through their Country Office for Pacific Island Countries based in Suva, Fiji and the ILO Regional Office for Asia-Pacific region in Bangkok, Thailand, to maintain international labour standards and to comply with ratified ILO conventions.


The Federation also works in close association with the Confederation of Asia Pacific Employers (CAPE).

International Labour Organization (ILO)


The ILO meets annually through the International Labour Conference (ILC) to set labour standards, develop policies and devise programmes promoting decent work for all women and men.

International Organization of Employers (IOE)


The IOE advocates for the interests of employers and business in international policy debates at the ILO, across the UN, G20 and other emerging forums.

Confederation of Asia Pacific Employers (CAPE)


CAPE exists to promote mutual understanding and cooperation among its members on issues concerning labour, the economy, social policy, and labour-management relations.

The Executive

Executive Director

Florence Willie
Executive Director

Senior Industrial Relations Officer

Karl Daera Aisi
Senior Industrial Relations Officer

Research Officer

Winston Yuka
Research Officer

Trainer/Training Facilitator

Materua Onzem
Trainer/Training Facilitator

Board Members

Moore Business Systems (PNG) Ltd

David Doig

Lamana Development Ltd

Sir Kostas Constantinou
Vice President

Steamships Trading Company Ltd

David Toua
Vice President

Rural Industries Council

Graham Ainui
Committee Member

Woo Textile Ltd

Murray Woo
Committee Member

Hargy Oil Palms Ltd

Darren Stott
Committee Member

PNG Forest Products Ltd

Shane Byrne
Committee Member

Our Key Partners

Our Key Partners in Papua New Guinea include local industry associations and corporate bodies that the Federation engages and networks with on a regular basis to discuss matters concerning the labour and employment space in the country.

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